Why Are Wine Barrel Coffee Tables So Trendy

wine barrel coffee tableUsing a barrel as a table is not a new idea. However, lately it has become one of the most popular interior design trends for anyone who likes the idea of redecorating their home in a more mysterious, natural or rustic manner.

Wine barrel coffee tables are available in many shapes and sizes, as well as many different types of innovative designs. They can be an excellent idea for a birthday or Christmas present, and can definitely represent a most unique gift for the recipient.

A Great Gift Idea

If you want to make sure no one copies your gift, getting someone a wine barrel coffee table might be one of your best solutions. The unique shape and calming colors, as well as the simple, yet intriguing design of a wine barrel can be a great source of inspiration for a variety of complex and fascinating designs.

From basic, large double wine barrel tables, to tables featuring a barrel cut in half that supports a catchy glass top, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your preferred wine barrel table design, and there can be many additional benefits as well.

A wine barrel coffee table can also be a great gift idea due to its potential use for storage as well. Some table designs even feature secret compartments where users can stash their valuables, or large storage containers that are intricately shaped within the body of the wine barrel table, and can offer additional aesthetic advantages when you’re using a transparent top.

Building vs. Buying a Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Wine barrel coffee tables are already available in a huge range of options, some of them being quite unique and even featuring luxury components or design themes that will make your home look both original and fashionable. Others are geared toward simplicity, and are more suitable for an old fashioned, classical décor, where it can comfortably be combined with old wooden furniture and warmer colors for rugs, wallpaper/paint, doors and windows.

Of course, even though the wide range of prices would virtually guarantee that you can find the ideal wine barrel coffee table to buy at an excellent price, many prefer to build their own, adding that fulfilling sense of accomplishment to the mix that you can only get from something you’ve put together with your own two hands and the “sweat of your brow.”

Building your own wine barrel coffee table can be quite a straightforward task, although it might not be as easy as you think at first. Nevertheless, with a nice sturdy barrel you can buy from your local winery, a strong drill, sand paper, a reliable electric sander and a few other tools and resources, you should be good to go.

Whether you purchase or build one yourself, wine barrel coffee tables are among the latest and most popular trends when it comes to making your home look a little cozier and more fashionable, as well as for getting a lot of practical benefits that you really can’t obtain from most, regular coffee tables.

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