Finding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In San Diego

CBTCognitive therapy is known to be one of the most effective therapeutic approaches in the treatment of anxiety and depression and a powerful agent in changing mental health for the better. When talking about expertise in the domain, San Diego therapists are renowned for having already aided a lot of people suffering from debilitating depression or addictions. To put it simply, they helped the patients adopt a completely different way of looking at the world, so if you or someone close to you needs help to battle depression or a bad habits, Karen Kerschmann’s cognitive behavioral therapy in San Diego is the best.


You must be interested in further details on how and why cognitive therapy can be beneficial, so here are the most important benefits it can bring.


Changing Your General Take on the World Around You


We live in a world fraught with stress and anxiety. While some of us have sufficient resistance to be able to cope with the amount of stress we are faced with on a daily basis, others feel overwhelmed by negative attitudes – attitudes that first only prevent these people from feeling good and relaxing and will sooner or later lead to the appearance of psychosomatic symptoms, too. One of the most important benefits of cognitive therapy is that the therapist will help the patient develop a more rational take on the world around, thus reducing stress levels with the help of rational thinking.


Developing a Routine in Channeling Thoughts


Along with rationality comes the routine of stopping irrational thinking. If you manage to keep your racing thoughts under control, you will be able to distance yourself from the events around you and to evaluate these events in a calm and objective manner.


A Better Self-Image


The more you are in charge of your thoughts, the more you are in charge of your actions. Cognitive therapy has a better track record than any other method of helping patients develop a positive image of themselves – and the more self-confidence you have, the more positively you can look at the eventual problems you need to solve.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is all about developing new coping techniques that will give patients the strength to face problems and to deal with them as well. The development of new thought patterns and the enhancement of self-esteem are facilitated by the therapists. However, once the routine is established, the patient will keep getting positive results and their new-found resistance to stress will work as a self-enhancing and self-generating system in the future, too.

The experts in cognitive behavioral therapy in San Diego have been using the method successfully in cases that would require years, maybe even decades of therapy with other methods. Therefore, CBT is not only a very efficient, but also a very fast method of improving mental health.

Patients who had been suffering from serious addictions managed to overcome the addiction and to stay clean with the help of CBT, and people suffering from severe depression managed to change their negative thought patterns and cure their depression.

The approach teaches the patient how to cope with what is going on around them and does so over a very short period of time, so trying it with the help of local specialists can be life-saving!


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