Finding A San Diego Family Therapist Who Can Help You

San Diego Family TherapyIf your family is plagued by fights and conflicts, one or more members have a mental illness or have a substance abuse problem or there are other factors interfering which are causing the family to be divided and malfunctioning, then you should search for a San Diego family therapist who can help you identify the key problems and teach yourself as well as your family members how to address them and find peace once again.

What is family therapy?

Many psychologists today admit that a family is a unique social environment and system in its own right. Problems with the normal functioning of a family can affect all the other members, and so do the so called problematic members. If a member is being identified as being ill then all other members will be affected as well. The family is affected by the beliefs and values of each member, the unique personalities, as well as other things which not only lead to the formation of specific communication patterns, but also to mechanisms which are meant to solve problems. When a family is not functioning well, then these mechanisms are either non-existent or they cannot prevent or treat specific problems.

Family therapy recognizes the family as a unique social system and tries to work with each family member as well as the family as a whole in order to help identify problems, find coping mechanisms as well as solutions to those problems.

When is it useful?

Family therapy works in many situations and it can treat or alleviate countless symptoms. For example, a family member with a mental illness might be a sign of an illness on the family member, and thus family therapy can help the entire system repair itself. This form of therapy does not attempt to target only individual problems, but to diagnose them as a whole and address the underlying problems. Illnesses of many types of the family, past traumatic events, substance or drug abuse, domestic violence and all sorts of other problems can be solved by providing the family with the ways to strengthen the bonds and stop the cycle of problems which only makes matters worse.

The benefits of undertaking family therapy

A family therapist can help the family members understand not only how a family generally works, but how their unique system works. The problems will not only be addressed on an individual level, but on the family level. The therapy will also have the goal of strengthening all members of the family so that they will be able to solve their problems on their own later on. Family members will also be able to develop strategies to resolve conflicts before they become a problem.

Finding a reliable San Diego family therapist near you

With family therapy, you don’t just treat the symptoms of one member, but you treat the underlying causes that have triggered the problems in the first place. You can become a happier and stronger family while also helping each individual grow. So find a reputable San Diego family therapist and start working in improving your family right away.

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