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How Neurofeedback Can Help You To Achieve Optimal Brain Health

Neurofeedback Brain WavesWouldn’t it be great to have more control over your states of alertness, focus, awareness, mental health? Along history, people have often relied on years and decades of meditation to alter the functioning of the brain and harness these effects for spiritual and physical well being. What if there is a simpler way to increase your attention span, quiet your mind, change the way you react to stress, restore and maintain a healthy functioning of the brain, which is based on sound technology and recent discoveries. The solution might be already around and resides in a procedure called neurofeedback, which would enable you to adjust and balance your own brainwaves.

What’s this all about?

Brainwaves are at the core of all mental processes. There are 5 major types: alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta – each type of brainwave correlates with a different state of brain activity. For instance, alpha waves occur during relaxation, while beta waves – during alertness, but if active for too long can lead to a sense of fear and anxiety.

So, boosting alpha waves to the detriment of beta waves is one common goal of neurofeedback (in other instances, one would want the reverse, for increasing focus, problem solving). This is usually implemented by means of an electroencephalograph that measures electromagnetic signals generated by the brain, detecting the types of brainwaves that are active at the moment, a computer that decodes these signals, and a screen that helps you monitor the signals from the brainwaves. Through this process of monitoring, neurofeedback allows you to filter out sub-optimal patterns, which are the source of unease, distraction, and discomfort.

Immense Potential

Besides being used already for decades in treating ADHD, PTSD and epilepsy, neurofeedback has a promising potential in a range of conditions such as anxiety, autism, addiction, aggression, depression, Schizophrenia, migraines, insomnia, Tourette syndrome, and brain damage from stroke, trauma, surgery, etc. In many conditions, the combination of psychotherapy with neurofeedback can create lasting change and recovery.

In one specific instance, a person suffering from debilitating migraines, after staying on a drug regimen for a year and a half with no success, switched to neurofeedback. As a result, from three or four severe migraines a week, vomiting and constant pain, she went to no symptoms. And this is not just an individual case – a study on migraine patients concluded that neurofeedback seems dramatically effective in reducing migraine frequency and intensity in most of the patients. Better focus and relaxation can apparently help to alleviate such conditions as anxiety and migraines (imbalanced brain waves are often associated with pain).

Another famous instance involved a 58 year old man recovering from brain surgery – while removing his brain tumor, the other functionality in the brain was significantly affected (mobility and cognition). After nine months of physical and occupational therapy, the progress was minimal while the doctors were anticipating a 2 to 3 year recovery period. At this point, partially out of desperation, he switched to neurofeedback procedures and, already after the ninth session, he could drive the car and walk his dog (the story was featured in a Washington Post editorial).

But neurofeedback procedures can help in case of suboptimal focus, memory, and alertness too (as a matter of fact, neurofeedback is also used sometimes as part of ultimate training for athletes, pilots, and other professionals). It is also claimed to help artistic people by improving technique in musicians, enhancing performance and creativity in dancers, allowing a better immersion into the role for actors. All these make you wonder at the potential of this technique. In San Diego, The Alpha Theta Center Neruofeedback provides the highest level of qualitative analysis of your EEG scores, for a truly customized neurofeedback experience. Dr. Michael Villanueva has years of experience treating soldiers in field in Afghanistan and treating civilians in his office in Sorrento Valley.

How to Promote Your Company Using the Best Local SEO Practices

Local SEO San DiegoBusinesses that want to get an edge on their local competitors and achieve greater recognition that will drive more customers to their actual physical locations are more and more prevalent on the market, regardless of which industry they operate in.


It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the techniques required for global SEO targeting are quite different from those associated with a specific city or state. Also, understanding SEO as a science, instead of just a means to an end, is extremely essential in order to avoid the frustration of having certain methods prove inefficient, while they clearly worked for other businesses.


How Did SEO Change Over Time?


While anyone with an automated system designed to get backlinks used to be able to rank high in search engine pages, SEO is no longer a system that promotes quantity and amount of content, over quality.


A well-designed, useful online website that contains helpful, constantly updated information, as well as a solid, well-built social media campaign, will help you far more today than they used to.


Also, the level of optimization and the specific value that your landing page or website have to offer play a much more important role even in locally targeted search results. This consideration is made even more pressing by the fact that new companies keep popping up virtually everywhere around you, and the competition can impact your promotional efforts quite significantly.


Online vs. Local Promotional Tactics

Unlike regular online SEO tactics, locally targeted landing pages and websites have to contain relevant content both having to do with the product/service that’s being promoted and the area that it’s promoted for.


Basically, you can no longer rely on simply posting your city’s name on your homepage and expect that a basic map listing and description will yield the results you want. Today, there is far more emphasis on mobile targeting, voice search and the ability to clearly define your target audience.


The Most Important SEO Strategies to Keep Track of

Using the right technique and diversifying your local SEO strategy are both highly important goals you will need to keep track of when attempting to make your business stand out in local search results. There are a few different SEO strategies that stand out in that regard:


  1. Use mobile-friendly, well-optimized online page and website designs to place your content on;
  2. Use your social and video content to provide as much helpful support and interactive assistance as possible;
  3. Leverage your “direct data” strategy by offering more detailed information about your company which, in turn, promotes transparency, and can increase your reputation as well;
  4. Use the power of voice search by shifting to keywords that are “voice search friendly” – so that people can more easily find your website just by using simple terms they can shout into their phones while driving or doing errands;
  5. Establish a reliable customer support service, and make sure your corporate emails and phone numbers are promoted on all relevant pages for potential prospects to find.


Many other effective SEO techniques and strategies also exist, but each of them has to be evaluated in perspective with the goals and aspirations you have in mind for your business. Grasping that concept plays a pivotal role in achieving success with your business. After trying to do their own SEO, most businesses realize that they should hire experts like 1st Rank – San Diego SEO. Hiring a professional SEO company allows businesses to focus on what they do best while letting the experts grow their site traffic and lead gen.

Is It Time To Hire A Property Management Company?

property managementWhether you have been through a lot of hassle due to a bad tenant or you are just starting out in the rental business and want to avoid scams and legal problems until you get the hang of it, hiring a property management company is usually the best way to go. With its help, you can screen tenants better, make sure you only accept higher quality ones while also reducing repairs and other operating costs. So here are the top reasons to hire a property management company.

Ensure you are getting higher quality tenants

Screening for good tenants can be a time consuming process, and not to mention frustrating, especially when your budget is low and can’t afford waiting for too long until you get one in. The bad news is that it only takes one bad tenant to get serious problems, and even if it doesn’t cause you a lot of trouble, getting a tenant out is certainly a lot more work than not accepting him in the first place. An experienced property manager has seen thousands of applications, and so he will know where to look and how to spot danger signs in potential candidates. With higher quality tenants, you will also get payments on time, let them stay longer while also reducing problems, whether they are material or of a legal nature.

Avoid costly legal problems

There are literally thousands of scammers trying to pull another one on unsuspecting landlords. The good part is that you can arm yourself with a property manager who doesn’t only know all about the ins and outs of the business, but also the latest landlord-tenant laws. That way you will be safe from scams as well as from legal problems such as evictions, security deposits, potential lawsuits and more.

Make more money with shorter vacancy periods

With a good manager, you will have shorter vacancy periods, which in return will get you more money. First of all, higher quality tenants will stay longer and make payments on time, and in case you do need to replace tenants, a property manager knows how to write an attractive add and place the proper bid without going too low or too high. That way you will never run out of tenants and make sure you gain access to a constant cash flow to supply your other investments.

Make fewer repairs and preserving property value

With a good manager, you will need to perform fewer maintenance and repairs. Besides having better tenants to look after the place and fewer fixes between tenants, the manager will also make sure to hire a competent and affordable contractor who can perform all the necessary repairs and help you retain the value of your property.

You get the peace of mind you deserve

Don’t let a bad tenant ruin the experience for you, make sure you never run into trouble by getting the help of an experienced manager. Avoid scams and legal problems, maximize tenant retention and cash flow and preserve the property value by hiring a reliable property management company near you.

Property Management In San Diego

If you own properties in San Diego, you are in luck. There are a plethora of quality property management options to choose from. That being said, it can be hard to know which company is actually going to take care of your needs best. From our experience, a small company like Leasing San Diego Property Management that can give you a personal touch is going to provide the best satisfaction.

Finding A San Diego Family Therapist Who Can Help You

San Diego Family TherapyIf your family is plagued by fights and conflicts, one or more members have a mental illness or have a substance abuse problem or there are other factors interfering which are causing the family to be divided and malfunctioning, then you should search for a San Diego family therapist who can help you identify the key problems and teach yourself as well as your family members how to address them and find peace once again.

What is family therapy?

Many psychologists today admit that a family is a unique social environment and system in its own right. Problems with the normal functioning of a family can affect all the other members, and so do the so called problematic members. If a member is being identified as being ill then all other members will be affected as well. The family is affected by the beliefs and values of each member, the unique personalities, as well as other things which not only lead to the formation of specific communication patterns, but also to mechanisms which are meant to solve problems. When a family is not functioning well, then these mechanisms are either non-existent or they cannot prevent or treat specific problems.

Family therapy recognizes the family as a unique social system and tries to work with each family member as well as the family as a whole in order to help identify problems, find coping mechanisms as well as solutions to those problems.

When is it useful?

Family therapy works in many situations and it can treat or alleviate countless symptoms. For example, a family member with a mental illness might be a sign of an illness on the family member, and thus family therapy can help the entire system repair itself. This form of therapy does not attempt to target only individual problems, but to diagnose them as a whole and address the underlying problems. Illnesses of many types of the family, past traumatic events, substance or drug abuse, domestic violence and all sorts of other problems can be solved by providing the family with the ways to strengthen the bonds and stop the cycle of problems which only makes matters worse.

The benefits of undertaking family therapy

A family therapist can help the family members understand not only how a family generally works, but how their unique system works. The problems will not only be addressed on an individual level, but on the family level. The therapy will also have the goal of strengthening all members of the family so that they will be able to solve their problems on their own later on. Family members will also be able to develop strategies to resolve conflicts before they become a problem.

Finding a reliable San Diego family therapist near you

With family therapy, you don’t just treat the symptoms of one member, but you treat the underlying causes that have triggered the problems in the first place. You can become a happier and stronger family while also helping each individual grow. So find a reputable San Diego family therapist and start working in improving your family right away.

Hire A San Diego FHA Mortgage Broker To Purchase Your Dream Home

FHA Mortgage LogoIf you’re looking to buy a home but, so far, you haven’t been able to save enough money for the purchase, then why don’t you consider getting a FHA-approved loan with the help of a mortgage broker? You could get the chance to qualify for some of the lowest interest rates and benefit from less strict eligibility standards and finally be able to afford a place to call home.

Save time

One of the best things about hiring a mortgage broker is that you get to save a lot of time. That is because you won’t have to waste countless hours researching loan terms on the internet, looking up rates, conditions at each lender and neither will you have to visit all the financial institutions in San Diego to check with a representative. A San Diego FHA mortgage broker has a deep understanding of the loan market as well as which institutions offer the most attractive rates. Simply put, a mortgage broker can do a much better job shopping for the best possible deal without you having to spend more than a few minutes discussing the details with your agent.

Save money

While you do have to pay a fee when you hire a mortgage broker, you will save immensely compared to what you invest in this specialist. You could qualify for a better loan and save thousands of dollars on interest. Even 0.5 percent can sum up to a great deal of money over the course of 15 years or more, and a reputable broker will help you get it. With his vast contact list and experience, he can find the most advantageous loans as well as make sure that you pay the least amount of money on down payment, sometimes as low as 3.5 percent of you have a decent credit score.

Qualify easier

You must be terrified of the strict eligibility standards of most banks you may have heard about. Fortunately, FHA loans have less strict standards, and that is because they are effectively insured through the FHA or the Federal Housing Administration. Since you are buying insurance for the home loan, lenders face lower risks in case you default on the mortgage payment, and so they are willing to offer a loan to people who would normally not qualify for one. You can increase the chances of being accepted by a credit institution by getting the help of a mortgage broker, as you would be able to quality for a loan even with a credit score as low as 500.

Getting the help of someone you can trust

The best part about hiring a mortgage broker is because he will do everything in his power to find the best possible deal. His role is to serve your best interests, and you can trust him to help you out with anything from shopping for a loan and qualifying to dealing with paperwork and other legal technicalities you might have had difficulties with.

Get the help of a trusted San Diego FHA mortgage broker and find the best loan to allow you to purchase that dream home you have always wanted!

Finding The Best San Diego Dog Boarding

Happy Dog BoardingAre you planning on going on vacation? Is your beloved puppy undisciplined and causing a lot of trouble in the household? Then the best San Diego dog boarding professionals can help you out. They can take care of your dog when you are away, while also making sure it learns some basics through training, so that you will get a better-behaved canine partner when you get back.

Boarding in a friendly environment

By getting your dog to this board and train facility, you will know that it will have a comfortable stay in a friendly environment created especially for dogs. Here it will live and be cared for by people who love dogs just as much as you do. The difference is that they understand dog behavior better, so they can correct behavioral problems that you hadn’t been able to address. Your dog will spend a lovely time in the company of canine professionals as well as other friendly dogs.

Fun activities

Your dog will also be taken out for walks and daily hikes, so that it gets to spend all that extra energy. Daily exercises will also train all muscle groups and ensure that your dog stays fit, as well as healthy. Your dog will also have load of fun playing games or being taken out on the beach. In addition to that, your dog will get to experience conditions that you might not have been able to provide and it will learn more about the surroundings and how to behave in them.

Healthier food

At the best dog boarding facilities, your dog will also be fed with healthy raw food. If you prefer, you might have it fed with your own food, but now you would get the opportunity to get your dog fed with natural food it was supposed to eat in the first place. While huge corporations are trying to make dog owners such as you believe that raw food is dangerous and unhealthy and that their processed food is better, the truth is that dogs are natural meat-eaters and their digestive systems are designed especially to process raw meat.

Basic training

Your dog will also go through basic training – that normally lasts for two weeks. During training sessions it will learn basic commands such as “come”, “sit”, and “stay” taught with modern techniques and not the now-frowned-upon physically-abusive punishment & reward training that was so popular a decade ago. Your dog will also get a chance to correct unwanted behavioral problems such as aggressiveness, barking, damaging behavior as well as others. The dog will also go through obedience training, as well as be exposed to situations both in and outside the home in order to learn to react and behave in real world situations. Of course, you will get the chance to pick up a few skills when you come back, to learn how to handle your newly-trained dog.

So if you want to provide your canine friend with an amazing opportunity to have a great time as well as be taught some manners, then the best San Diego dog boarding facilities are the places you are looking for.



Finding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In San Diego

CBTCognitive therapy is known to be one of the most effective therapeutic approaches in the treatment of anxiety and depression and a powerful agent in changing mental health for the better. When talking about expertise in the domain, San Diego therapists are renowned for having already aided a lot of people suffering from debilitating depression or addictions. To put it simply, they helped the patients adopt a completely different way of looking at the world, so if you or someone close to you needs help to battle depression or a bad habits, Karen Kerschmann’s cognitive behavioral therapy in San Diego is the best.


You must be interested in further details on how and why cognitive therapy can be beneficial, so here are the most important benefits it can bring.


Changing Your General Take on the World Around You


We live in a world fraught with stress and anxiety. While some of us have sufficient resistance to be able to cope with the amount of stress we are faced with on a daily basis, others feel overwhelmed by negative attitudes – attitudes that first only prevent these people from feeling good and relaxing and will sooner or later lead to the appearance of psychosomatic symptoms, too. One of the most important benefits of cognitive therapy is that the therapist will help the patient develop a more rational take on the world around, thus reducing stress levels with the help of rational thinking.


Developing a Routine in Channeling Thoughts


Along with rationality comes the routine of stopping irrational thinking. If you manage to keep your racing thoughts under control, you will be able to distance yourself from the events around you and to evaluate these events in a calm and objective manner.


A Better Self-Image


The more you are in charge of your thoughts, the more you are in charge of your actions. Cognitive therapy has a better track record than any other method of helping patients develop a positive image of themselves – and the more self-confidence you have, the more positively you can look at the eventual problems you need to solve.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is all about developing new coping techniques that will give patients the strength to face problems and to deal with them as well. The development of new thought patterns and the enhancement of self-esteem are facilitated by the therapists. However, once the routine is established, the patient will keep getting positive results and their new-found resistance to stress will work as a self-enhancing and self-generating system in the future, too.

The experts in cognitive behavioral therapy in San Diego have been using the method successfully in cases that would require years, maybe even decades of therapy with other methods. Therefore, CBT is not only a very efficient, but also a very fast method of improving mental health.

Patients who had been suffering from serious addictions managed to overcome the addiction and to stay clean with the help of CBT, and people suffering from severe depression managed to change their negative thought patterns and cure their depression.

The approach teaches the patient how to cope with what is going on around them and does so over a very short period of time, so trying it with the help of local specialists can be life-saving!


San Diego’s During The Gold Rush

Gold RushIn 1849 there was a gold rush which took place, amongst other locations, around San Diego that also brought many new settlers into the area looking for wealth. Although the bulk of the Californian gold rush was towards the north of the state near San Francisco this did also cause some movement south from those who initially settled there.

The authorities started to demand evidence of land ownership and the cost of surveys bankrupted many rancheros. High taxation also meant that the land wasn’t worth keeping with a property tax introduced in California in 1850 which charged $1 for every $100 of land owed, with 50 cents to the state, 25 cents to the county and 25 cents to fund a new courthouse.

In 1850 California formally became part of the United States as the 31st state with the city becoming part of the new San Diego County. The Constitutional Convention had been held the year before which started to work out where the state capital would be and after a few years of debate the city of Sacramento was chosen although it was initially located in San Jose. There was no real chance of San Diego becoming the capital because of its southern location within the state but there were queries why it had such a strong representation in the new constitutional plans given its low population.

Part of the reason why San Diego was seen as important in the state of California was its position as a potential commercial centre. This prediction started also to be met in reality when in 1851 the steamship Goliath started service to the city. Soon after this the Pacific Mail Steamship Company also started a mail service to San Diego and international trading began to expand.

The new commercial status didn’t though provide immediate economic fortune for San Diego. In 1852 the city had to declare bankruptcy although much of this was down to the cripplingly high costs of a new jail which the authorities had undertaken to build. The jail had been a debacle with the first expensive jail being destroyed as soon as it rained and the next jail being seen as useless when a prisoner simply dug his way out. The state repealed the city’s charter because of this bankruptcy and a new system of governance was forcibly introduced.

In 1853 the new city committee started to prepare a survey which might encourage a railroad to be built which ended at San Diego. Residents and merchants started the San Diego and Gila Railroad Company in 1854 and started to issue stock to fund the plans. Land was given by the city to ensure that the railway could access the centre of San Diego and extensive surveys were completed. Despite this initial positive progress it wasn’t though until much later that work on the railway line would actually began.

San Diego at this time started to slowly move away from the Old Town area and into the New Town – which is today’s heart of the city – with land purchased by William Heath Davis. Davis spent $60,000 on a wharf for New Town which was much more than he had anticipated. The construction work began in 1850 but was a financial disaster and it was hit by the steamer Los Angeles in 1853. In 1862 the army demolished the pier to use as firewood and it took over 20 years until Davis was compensated just $6,000 for it. The New Town didn’t though grow as expected and some traders and residents left the area to return back to Old Town.

John Ames started the San Diego Herald in 1851 which was the city’s first newspaper but it had a traumatic beginning and was closed a few years after when the owner moved to San Bernardino. The San Diego Union newspaper began in 1868 and in 1895 the Evening Tribune started publication with these two papers remaining in publication until 1992 when they merged together.

In 1855 the first Point Loma lighthouse opened at the entrance to San Diego Bay which helped aid the development of the harbour. Despite the lighthouse moving to a location nearer the sea because of visibility problems with the original site the 1855 building is still open to visitors and is situated next to the Cabrillo National Monument.

Although the city wasn’t directly involved in the action, the American Civil war divided the opinions of the locals and in June 1861 two large guns were placed into position to guard the harbour. The population by this time remained at just over 500 and the development of the railway was delayed both due to the civil war and also more localised political disagreements.

Alonzo Erastus Horton agreed with William Heath Davis that the future of the settlement would be at the bay and not up the hill. He purchased 900 acres for $265 when he saw the potential that the San Diego area had. He spent money on organising new elections to allow a Board of Trustees to allow the sale of the land and it went to auction where it cost even less to purchase than Horton had expected.

Although slow there was progress and more settlers came to the area including investors and some who were tempted by cheap land. In January 1868 Horton gained permission to build a new wharf which encouraged further development and he was able to sell plots in what was known as “Horton’s Addition”.

Horton started to plan a new hotel on D Street, now named Broadway, and work started on this on New Year’s Day in 1870. The hotel was called Horton House and it had 100 rooms and was completed within nine months at a total cost of $150,000. Although initially popular after it opened in October 1870 the lack of the railroad reaching San Diego meant that visitor numbers weren’t as high as expected. This caused Horton serious financial issues which meant that the hotel was demolished in 1905 and it is now the site of the US Grant Hotel after it was bought by the family of the former President Grant. The new hotel opened in October 1921 as the US Grant Hotel and was designed by Harrison Albright to a high specification.

The debate continued on where the centre of San Diego should be and there were prolonged arguments in 1871 on whether the supreme court building should be in the new or old area of the city. A fire in 1872 destroyed much of Old Town, including the largest hotel, and it was this that ultimately meant that the move to the downtown area was inevitable. Over the following few decades the Old Town area started to decline whilst investment moved south.

Work on the railway had been heavily delayed because of the civil war and political arguments. The owners of the Big Four railroads opposed the new route but in May 1872 the Texas and Pacific Railroad Company was given permission to build a new route from Marshall in Texas to San Diego. The new route had some tough deadlines to meet including completion within ten years and with work to start at both ends and for sections of the route to open during the period. In compensation 16 million acres of federal land were to be offered. The terms were too tough but were negotiated and work began in April 1873 although with limited finances and materials. The financial panic of 1873 took place shortly afterwards and the work was further delayed. It did though give hope of connecting San Diego to the First Transcontinental Railroad which had opened up the state of California in 1869.

The infra-structure of the city improved during the early part of the 1880s with gas reaching the city in 1881 and the first telephone lines were connected in the following years. Work on the railroad into the city had commenced once again during the same year and after decades of delay it was finally completed by November 1885.

The period following the railway’s arrival in the city led to an increase in the number of new businesses which meant more offices and hotels were needed and the population of the city increased to around 35,000. An economic crash then hit the city in 1888 and the population fell sharply almost as fast as it increased and by 1890 it had fallen once again to 25,000.

San Diego Sites

San Diego ViewIntroduction

Even many of those that have lived in San Diego for years have not seen all of its wonderful sites. San Diego has a rich military history and is a border city. It has an amazing park and is abundant with museums. The following are just a few of the choice sites of San Diego not to be missed.

1. Maritime Museum of San Diego

Situated along the San Diego waterfront on Harbor Drive, beneath sleek downtown high-rise buildings is the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The history of San Diego is tied to the sea, and the collection of the Maritime Museum features vessels that illustrate seaport activities from the world over. The Maritime Museum appeals to visitors of every type.

Whether your interest is to learn more about maritime history or you just have a thing for really cool ships, you are certain to enjoy exploring the Maritime Museum of San Diego. What makes this museum particularly appealing and special is the fact that it has 5 different ships that you can go onto and explore. These ships range from an old-fashioned yacht, a 19th century exploration ship and submarines.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego does not even give off the typical museum-in-a-building feel, seeing as it is spread out along the San Diego harbor, inside various ships.

The museum is housed in one of the world’s finest collections of historic ships, with the majestic and iconic Star of India docked in downtown San Diego on the beautiful waterfront.

The Star of India is the oldest active sailing ship in the world. During her lengthy maritime career, this sturdy iron ship hauled freight to India from England, and also carried immigrants to New Zealand from England. It also packed salmon in the Bering Sea. The Star of India was fully restored in 1976 and is today maintained to illustrate her role as an immigrant ship.

During your tour of the Star of India, you will be shocked by the 20th century living quarters that the immigrants who were sailing to a new life from England to New Zealand had to contend with.

There are many ships to see at the museum, although some stand out in the minds of visitors as their favorites. Other ships you can admire at the Maritime Museum include The Berkeley, The Californian and the submarines.

The Berkeley is an 1898 Victorian-style steam ferryboat that carried passengers on the San Francisco Bay between 1898 and 1973. This elegant, 19th century landmark has the wooden benches in the restored main passenger decks illuminated through stained glass windows. The lower deck houses displays and a model ship-building workshop.

The opulent Medea steam yacht is just the ship to board and explore for those who may be curious as to how the wealthy sailed around during the early 1900s.

Visitors to the Maritime Museum can also squeeze and wriggle their way through submarines such as the Soviet-era B-39 and the American USS Dolphin. The B-39 is a diesel-electric submarine that was commissioned during the early 1970s by the Soviet Navy, and which served for over 20 years on active duty.

With this tour, you will quickly learn just how cramped life underwater can be, as you navigate the narrow hallways and climb through circular holes to get from one room to the next. You will also encounter a working periscope that is very neat to look through.

The Californian is the official tall ship of the State of California which was built in 1984. The ship is a replica of an 1847 vessel that brought law and order to the coast of California during the Gold Rush. The Pilot is a ship that was used to transfer harbor pilots to incoming ships. The boat had the longest career of any working boat in the Western hemisphere, which spanned the years 1914 to 1996.

The museum encourages hands on experiences. Visitors can go sailing, whale watching or simply cruise around the bay on many of the museum’s ships. The museum also houses a world renowned research library and a retail shop with many souvenirs for sale, as well as academic and historic books.

Some of the exhibits hosted at the museum include the Age of Steam, the Age of Sail, San Diego’s Navy, Harvesting the Ocean and Charting the Sea. There are also rotating and seasonal exhibits as well. During your tour, you will learn how the ships were used in the past for exploration and for battle.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego hosts a range of special events on a regular basis such as the Festival of Sail which is held every 3 years. During this event, a tall ship armada joins the historic vessels at the Maritime Museum, as the waterfront comes alive with mock cannon battle cruises, tall ship parades and plenty of dockside entertainment.

2. La Jolla

Situated a 20-minute drive north of downtown San Diego, “La Jolla” is Spanish for “the jewel”, a fitting name for an attractive town ringed with beautiful blue waters. La Jolla is one of the prettiest Oceanside towns in California, and home to several of the best beaches in the state.

When people say San Diego has great beaches, what they really mean is that La Jolla has great beaches. La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Cave and Windansea are not only the best in San Diego but perhaps even the best in the entire state.

In fact, La Jolla Shores may be the most beautiful in California with its wide, gently sloping beach and panoramic views. A sunset or morning walk here is enough to relax even the most stressed out. Your walk will be even better when the tide is going out, leaving a mirror-like water layer to coat the sand.

Take the steps that go down next to 1298 Prospect where you can enjoy a private walk with places to sit and enjoy the view. Follow the wooden fence behind the entrance to the cave, and then walk along the dirt path. You will find a few people here, but you will not be alone as a large colony of cormorants and seagulls inhabit the cliff face below.

If you are planning the perfect southern California vacation, look no further than La Jolla. This popular San Diego destination offers plenty of activities for visitors including cultural institutions, outdoor activities and more. There’s something for everyone who goes to explore this beach town.

La Jolla offers a broad spectrum of activities from casual fine dining, to museums, art galleries and one-of-a-kind boutiques, not to mention the slew of fun outdoor activities.

Go on a self-guided tour and visit the art galleries, the Sunny Jim sea cave, the La Jolla waterfront and the hidden mermaid statue. Take a stroll and do some window-shopping in boutiques that line Prospect Avenue and the side streets running into it. If you enjoy the theatre, the La Jolla Playhouse is worth a visit.

Popular with outdoor adventurers who go to kayak, dive or surf here, La Jolla also boasts well-groomed hiking trails that offer spectacular views. Go hiking through the trails of Torrey Pines. Bring a picnic lunch to Scripps Park which lies along the dramatic coastline. Here you can also enjoy concerts under the stars.

La Jolla is also a top foodie destination, with some of the best-rated restaurants in San Diego. The town is home to a number of top-notch restaurants, many of which serve excellent cuisines. Go here to enjoy fine dining opportunities with spectacular ocean views.

La Jolla also hosts a series of annual events you should know about. The La Jolla Festival of the Arts is one of California’s top rated art festivals, which is held in late June. Also attend the La Jolla Concerts by the Sea for free concerts which are held every Sunday from June through August.

That said the biggest draw for tourists and locals alike in La Jolla are its beaches. Go here to swim, snorkel, scuba dive and surf. Also explore the tide pools and coves along La Jolla Shores. All in all, La Jolla is simply a great place to just go and relax. With its dramatic coastline that boasts spectacular views, it’s no wonder that La Jolla is one of California’s most popular beach destinations.

Surrounded on 3 sides by the sea, and backed by Mount Soledad’s steep slopes, the coastal profile and quaint village lifestyle of La Jolla evokes a Mediterranean feel. With a unique microclimate coupled with unmatched natural beauty, the casual vibe and world-class attractions, La Jolla certainly lives up to its nickname as San Diego’s “jewel by the sea”.

3. Carlsbad Flower Fields

Each year, southern California ushers in the spring season with a very special attraction – the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. One of southern California’s most unique attractions, and an annual rite of ushering in spring, the Flower Fields feature a dazzling rainbow of splendid Ranunculus flowers set on a hillside overlooking the striking coastline.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields are quite a sight for sore eyes if you’re driving north of San Diego, as you are dazzled by hillsides awash in brilliant colors. The Flower Fields are a throwback to a different era in the region of San Diego. The working flower farm comprises a 50-acre swath of blossoms, covered in yellow, purple, orange, green and red. The Flower Fields are located in Carlsbad, north of downtown San Diego.

While the fields may look like a botanical garden – they are not. This is the location of a grower of Giant Ranunculus bulbs. Because the flowers these bulbs produce are so beautiful, people go to admire them. This creates a temporary tourist attraction at every spring.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields main attraction is the pretty Giant Ranunculus flowers, with their vibrant colors and dense petals. The Ranunculus flowers come into full bloom in March and April, when they unveil their rose-like petals. The flowers splash the hillsides in a rainbow of colors. It is during these two and a half months of spring that the fields are open to the public.

In addition to the beautiful show of blossoms in the Fields, there is a Miniature Rose Garden, a maze of sweet pea and poinsettia greenhouse, as well as a display that features each of the 180-plus All-American Rose selection winners since 1940.

In addition to the vivid color bands, visitors can also enjoy rides on tractor driven wagons, or stroll through a massive greenhouse filled with the world famous Ecke poinsettias. You can also navigate the pathways of a sweet pea maze and enjoy the numerous varieties of themed gardens.

Take a leisurely stroll along the field pathways that offers you the opportunity of experiencing colorful bands of the Ranunculus flowers up close, as well as enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. A walk through the dirt fields on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the distance makes for a very pleasant experience. Be sure to bring your camera to take wonderful pictures of the colorful blooms.

Go here to take in the beauty of flowers. The Flower Fields make for a great spot to go for a day out, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather of southern California. Picnic tables are available for the convenience of visitors. Throughout the season, the Flower Fields also host a series of Special Events which are designed to entertain visitors of every type.

The flowers are also available for sale as stems. Visitors can also purchase Flower Fields brand products at its store which is located on site.

4. Museum of Contemporary Art

Situated on Kettner Boulevard, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego provides access to the best of western art of our time within two great locations: at La Jolla and in Downtown San Diego.

The downtown site captures the vibrancy and energy of the city, with its site-specific installations, and soaring exhibition spaces that formerly housed the baggage building of the Santa Fe Depot.

The museum offers a unique variety of experiences for the San Diego community, by showcasing a collection that is internally recognized, in addition to hosting an ever-changing schedule of public programs and exhibitions.

One of the highlights of the museum is San Diego’s most creatively lit stairwell with installations. Visitors to the museum can also enjoy an evening of art, music and cocktails on Thursday nights.

The Museum’s location in La Jolla is in Prospect Street and one of the highlights to watch out for is the outdoor Sculpture Garden. Visitors can also browse the museum’s X-Store which features one-of-a-kind gifts including books, jewelry, home décor and more.

Whether you opt to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art’s location in Downtown San Diego or at La Jolla, you will find the same things: world-class art in rotating exhibitions and interesting public programs. You will also fine works from the permanent collection of the museum by promising and emerging talent, as well as major figures of the international contemporary art scene.

5. San Diego Air & Space Museum

Situated in Pan American Plaza, the San Diego Air & Space Museum is the setting in which science, space and the history of aviation unfold.

The museum is California’s official air and space museum which holds a collection of historic spacecraft and aircraft from all across the globe, including the actual Apollo 9 Command Module spacecraft; a flyable replica of Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis; and the world’s only real GPS satellite on display.

It is noteworthy that the Apollo 9 Command Module was actually flown in space, while thee replica of the Spirit of St. Louis was built by some of its original designers.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum features interactive exhibits such as MaxFlight simulators in addition to dynamic and hands-on temporary exhibitions. The museum also hosts Balboa Park’s first 3D/4D Theater and the Flight Path Grill of the Alaska Airlines.

The museum has also featured a special exhibit to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the ending of the Second World War. The exhibit showcases a rare collection of items from the war’s early days from both the Pacific and European theaters, through the conflict’s end to the rebuilding that ensued around the world following the end of the war.

The museum also boasts the second biggest aviation library and archive in the United States. Also worth a visit is the Pavilion of Flight, which is the venue for most of the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s events.

6. Heritage Park

A world away from the rustic atmosphere of Old Town San Diego, Heritage Park is a Victorian village situated on a hillside, just off Juan Street. The unique and scenic Heritage Park takes visitors back to an era of a primmer San Diego and is dedicated to preserving the Victorian architecture of the city.

Following the end of the Second World War, downtown San Diego experienced a series of expansions that threatened its historic structures with demolition if they remained on their original sites. However, public and private funds paid to acquire, relocate and restore the buildings at the location that is now Heritage Park.

The Heritage Park village comprises 7 structures of classic Victorian architecture restored to their original glory on a grassy green and peaceful setting. This picturesque slice of San Diego is well worth discovery if you are in the mood to take a quiet stroll back in time.

Two buildings worth seeing in particular at Heritage Park are the Sherman-Gilbert House and the McConaughy House.

The Sherman-Gilbert House was built in 1887 and was the setting of receptions for internationally famous entertainers by the Gilbert sisters who were patrons of art and music. Artur Rubinstein played piano here, while Anna Pavlova danced in the music room.

Similarly built in 1887, the McConaughy House features the Old Town Gift Emporium held every Thursday to Tuesday, which specializes in Victorian porcelain dolls.