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How to Promote Your Company Using the Best Local SEO Practices

Local SEO San DiegoBusinesses that want to get an edge on their local competitors and achieve greater recognition that will drive more customers to their actual physical locations are more and more prevalent on the market, regardless of which industry they operate in.


It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the techniques required for global SEO targeting are quite different from those associated with a specific city or state. Also, understanding SEO as a science, instead of just a means to an end, is extremely essential in order to avoid the frustration of having certain methods prove inefficient, while they clearly worked for other businesses.


How Did SEO Change Over Time?


While anyone with an automated system designed to get backlinks used to be able to rank high in search engine pages, SEO is no longer a system that promotes quantity and amount of content, over quality.


A well-designed, useful online website that contains helpful, constantly updated information, as well as a solid, well-built social media campaign, will help you far more today than they used to.


Also, the level of optimization and the specific value that your landing page or website have to offer play a much more important role even in locally targeted search results. This consideration is made even more pressing by the fact that new companies keep popping up virtually everywhere around you, and the competition can impact your promotional efforts quite significantly.


Online vs. Local Promotional Tactics

Unlike regular online SEO tactics, locally targeted landing pages and websites have to contain relevant content both having to do with the product/service that’s being promoted and the area that it’s promoted for.


Basically, you can no longer rely on simply posting your city’s name on your homepage and expect that a basic map listing and description will yield the results you want. Today, there is far more emphasis on mobile targeting, voice search and the ability to clearly define your target audience.


The Most Important SEO Strategies to Keep Track of

Using the right technique and diversifying your local SEO strategy are both highly important goals you will need to keep track of when attempting to make your business stand out in local search results. There are a few different SEO strategies that stand out in that regard:


  1. Use mobile-friendly, well-optimized online page and website designs to place your content on;
  2. Use your social and video content to provide as much helpful support and interactive assistance as possible;
  3. Leverage your “direct data” strategy by offering more detailed information about your company which, in turn, promotes transparency, and can increase your reputation as well;
  4. Use the power of voice search by shifting to keywords that are “voice search friendly” – so that people can more easily find your website just by using simple terms they can shout into their phones while driving or doing errands;
  5. Establish a reliable customer support service, and make sure your corporate emails and phone numbers are promoted on all relevant pages for potential prospects to find.


Many other effective SEO techniques and strategies also exist, but each of them has to be evaluated in perspective with the goals and aspirations you have in mind for your business. Grasping that concept plays a pivotal role in achieving success with your business. After trying to do their own SEO, most businesses realize that they should hire experts like 1st Rank – San Diego SEO. Hiring a professional SEO company allows businesses to focus on what they do best while letting the experts grow their site traffic and lead gen.